Landlord & Tenant

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, be it residential or commercial, we understand the difficulties that often arise for either party. Even where matters are not contentious, we are there to facilitate progressive solutions satisfactory to both parties. We recognise that the business imperatives for the landlord and the need for stability for the tenant. To that end we endeavour to provide a service that minimises friction.
For either party we consider all contractual matters and remedies where disputes arise.
If you are a landlord, where required, we advise on all relevant matters, in particular, rent arrears, damage to property and disrepair, forfeiture applications, recovery of property and the deposit scheme in relation to assured shorthold tenancies.
Conversely, if you are a tenant, we deal all matters frequently arise might arise such evictions, both legal and illegal, defend possession hearings and of course recovering lost withheld deposits.